Terrible freezes since power outage.

Hi, I was away last weekend and apparently my town had alot of power outages and when I came back my computer was off. Since then, almost everything I do will cause it to freeze (this is windows 7, by freeze I mean all my existing tasks stop "responding", the new window doesn't open, and my cursor becomes a loading circle thingy) This happens when I open Windows Explorer, or any other application, and the initial freeze lasts about 3-5 minutes until everything seems to have a jump, then more freezes.
Phenom II x4 3.5GHz and my 10GB DDR3 RAM don't seem to be the problem, I think it might be my hard drive.

I did check disk, it took about 2 hours to complete, I'm not sure if thats normal, but it didn't tell me anything after it was done.
I didn't have this problem before the power failure.

How do I know if I need to replace my HDD?
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  1. Update: I just ran Malware bytes full scan on the affected computer, and it did not coime up with any viruses.
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