Yes Intel I7 Watercooling Question

Hey guys,

Good Evening & Good Morning,

Could you guys critique my WATER COOLING BUILD?

The reasons I would like to get on Water:

Looks, performance, summer time is coming to California, and I have some cash finally after I built my New rig...

So here it goes....

1/2 inch barbs for everything

mcp655 pump or mcp355

.59 a ft

rad feser

RX480 rad
or RS360 39.99

120x120x38 (already purchased)

fan controller

reservoirs or tline


Thermal paste : OCZ Freeze or IC Diamond

Coolant: distilled water and 2 drops of pt nuke

one is for just distilled other is used with U/v dye

with gpu

If you guys would like to add, i'm going to be purchasing soon and could follow up with pictures as soon as I get the planning stage over with, ugh..

Let me know please!!!!! OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS!
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    Meh on the tubing. Cheap but there is better. Primochill LRT is awesome!

    The 355 pump is 3/8" barbs. You have to buy an aftermarket top for 1/2" barbs. The MCP655 is native 1/2 built in barbs. The 355 is better than the 655 with a XSPC pump top. Look at the XSPC restop for the 355.

    The RS360 is an older design. The RX360 is MUCH better. For a CPU only loop the RX360 is plenty. You mention a CPU and GPU, which ones? IT MATTERS A LOT! You don't want to underad.

    You sure don't need those monster high CFM fans. Hopefully they will undervolt well.

    Either fan controller is good, but you should get the 30W one if you plan to run the fans in series on one knob. Those are pretty high wattage fans.

    This res is fine.

    Buy your distilled water at Walgreens etc, $1 a gallon.

    Buy the PHN Nuke

    Don't run any dyes or UV liquids. Distilled and PHN nuke only. You want color, get colored tubing.
  2. Hey you might want to try pc ice for your liquid. It is kinda cheap and will not short out your component if you have a leak..
  3. ^NEVER run pre mix on a system. And most of this "non conductive" cr@p is just that. cr@p. They WILL conduct electricity after a few weeks of use.

    Also you DON'T want this to happen:

    Go distilled water + PT Nuke or KillCoils.

    If you want colored you may want to check out Mayham dyes:

    They have been tested over at xtremesystems:
    And it looks like there aren't problems with it.

    It's made by a guy over at bit tech:
  4. christop said:
    Hey you might want to try pc ice for your liquid. It is kinda cheap and will not short out your component if you have a leak..

    I guess you haven't read the 10000's of posts, the Ytube vids, the continuining sillyness on a bottle of distilled water with questionable additives and the supposed uber non conductivity.

    How much is PC Ice and how many posts have you read that it's crap? When Distilled water is $1 a gallon and a bottles of PHN Nuke is $6 and it lasts for over 20 refills.

  5. Condumdrum, thanks for your professional input!

    I have made the changes to my shopping list and I'll be buying shortly :).

    I will have to do some heavy case modding as well, so I will prob start a Build Log.

    Pluke -
  6. Shadow,

    Also, Thank you very much for your professional knowledge! I was going to buy everything listed yesterday, and I read your post! Thanks again,

    Pluke -
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