Problems with OC Genie

I recently got my new system together trying to overclock my cpu.

My System:

MSI P55 GD80 mobo
Intel I5 750 2.66ghz cpu
Coolermaster V8 cooler
2x 2gb G Skill ddr3 1333 ram in dual channel
XFX geforce 9800gtx+
Seagate Barracuda 7200 320g
Kingwin LZ850 psu
Thermaltake Element G case

Im having trouble with the OC Genie feature. I've gotten it to work twice now, the first time it under clocked my cpu to 2.2ghz. The second time it set it to 3.1ghz. Now it restarts like 3 time and says my Oc failed. My brother has the same setup except the cpu cooler, gpu, hard drive, and case. It oc'd his cpu to over 3.5ghz the first try. Any idea what is causing this? Im more or less a novice at manual overclocking so any help would be great.
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  1. Learn to use the BIOS.

    LGA1156 Core i7 & i5 Overclocking Guide
  2. Well thanks for the response, but I more or less solved the problem. Decided instead of relying on OC Genie I'd try and OC it manually, long story short its sitting at a little over 3.8ghz, idles at ~29c, 2hours of prime95 shows it's moderately stable, never topped 55c. Gonna run it over night to check the extent of its stability =]
  3. haha so true
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