ASRock P55 Extreme good for OCing?

title pretty much says it all.... any good for OCing the cpu (core i5-750 w/ CM hyper 212 plus if this info matters)?

otherwise another good lga1156 board for OCing that is $140 or less?

thanks all
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  1. Looks like it does almost as well as gigabyte's P55 UD5 Overclocked, more links here.
  2. thanks for the links, especially the second one... smart ass... :P
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    You're welcome! :) I think most everyone here wants to help, but there are so many hardware combinations and BIOS settings for each board, it's really hard to guess what hardware you (or anyone asking a question) has. There are dozens of RAM that work in your board, and what, 3 or four CPUS, and dozens of GPUs. And then there are those who spend a couple thousand $ on stuff, and then put a $50 PSU inside. YOU know exactly what you have. Give us your specs, we'll do some research, synthesize it in tips on where and how much to increase volts, link you to your motherboard manual, BIOS updates, and other forum threads and reviews about YOUR hardware (if we can find them).

    It looks like you got a great board. Read the manual and Happy Overclocking! :bounce:
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