Enermax 620w Liberty + GTX 260 Core216?

Hey guys, i'm wanting to look into purchasing a gtx 260. Currently i have an enermax 620w, specifications as such:

AC Input Universal 100-240VAC input
Current rating 4A-9.5A
Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
DC Output Rating
+3.3V 28A 170W
+5V 32A
+12V1 22A 432W(36A)
+12V2 22A
+12V1,+12V2 Combined 597.8W
-12V 0.6A 22.2W
+5Vsb 3A
Total Power 620W
Connector Configuration
10 pairs(10+10)

According to research i've done, nvidia mandates a minimum of 500w/36A on the 12v, and 550w for the GTX280.

I'm not sure if i am reading this right, but since the card im purchasing uses 2x 6pin connectors, i should be fine as the 12V1 and 12V2 do a combined 597w.

The PSU is supposedly 80% efficient from 30-100% load, so i'm guessing i'll be fine?

The reason i ask is i found out after purchasing this PSU a while back that it has a tendendcy to literally explode when its overloaded, and i really don't want to risk damaging components if im going to be pushing this beyond its limits.

The rest of my system is a C2D e6600, 4x SATA 7200RPM HDD, 1x SB X-Fi.

I used: http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine
And it said i need ~440w, so i think im doing ok?

Thanks for your time guys, appreciate everything
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  1. Your fine no issues
  2. Would i be ok to do mild overclocking on the CPU only? Taking it up to say 2.8-3ghz?
  3. http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=7&t=9354

    136w max draw...

    overclocking will be fine.
  4. Cool, thanks for the headsup.
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