Games affecting itunes/windows media player volume

not sure if this goes here or not but

everytime i play a game like counter strike source and i ahve music playing from either itunes or windows media player, gunshots seem to lower the music volume then back up when their is no gunfire.

i have onboard audio Realtek HD Audio Manager

i heard it might be something like smart volume manager or sumthing but i cannot find it anywhere

thx 4 the help
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  1. sounds like it is something "ear friendly"... it is possible that the onboard audio manager may thing the gunshots are part of the music and lowers the volume...
    i just checked on my onboard sound card and there is such a setting as "loudness equalization".... that may be on... if u have vista go to control panel (classic view), sound and click on your default playback (that's the one with the green check mark next to it), properties... and for me it was under enhancement tab.... see if that is on, and just generally look around the properties that may cause that... don't play with the settings too much : ) hope that works for ya
  2. everything is checked off
  3. if u installed any 3rd party audio enhancing drivers that may be the reason otherwise it is somewhere in those inboard sound card setting, well at least i really can't think of anything else
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