PNY 8800GT, No video signal, Wont go SLI PLEASE HELP

I just picked up a PNY 8800GT to go SLI with my Asus 8800GT. I put the new card in and it installed the drivers then restarted and after POST goes to a black screen and doesn't move. I figured it might be my PSU so I bought a 700W Rocketfish(I know but it's all best buy has), same results. I tried just the PNY card by itself and it won't produce any video signal at all, my monitor light flickers a bit like it wants to display something but then nothing shows up. I have also given it a try on my TV with the same results. My Asus card still works just fine, i put in my olf 6800 Ultra and it works fine, but the PNY will not produce any vid signal and when I go SLI it installs the drivers then goes to the black screen after restart. HELP!!! I don't want to RMA if it is something else.
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  1. I hate to say it, but you probably need to RMA the card. Normally I wouldn't suggest to RMA it right away, but I had the same problem with my eVGA 8800 GT and there was no solution. The G92 8800 GT is notorious for being DOA, or dying really early in its life cycle. I have 2 8800 GTs in sli right now and I had to go through 5 cards to get these (RMA'd 3).
  2. Well it's at least good to hear that someone else has had this problem, i can RMA and continue using my setup now, I just hope it isnt some weird compatibility issue with my mobo.
  3. More than likely isn't. I was having this problem with evga geforce cards on an evga nforce motherboard.
  4. I bought another card of the same type and it worked fine, i will be returning the broken one, thanks for the help.
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