Mineral Oils

Has anyone bothered to try one of these: http://www.pugetsystems.com/aquarium_kit.php

I doubt i'd bother with the newest rig I am putting together, but I am intrigued to the point that I may try it on an older POS machine I have lying around. Thoughts?
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  1. I've seen a couple of them, but the warning on the site is a good one. Putting together a computer like this is more of a stunt than anything else. Likely as not, a radiator or pump would be needed, as the oil itself would dissipate heat rather well.

    No, I wouldn't waste my time or money to build one.
  2. it's cool to look at but fails in every other way
  3. Looks good, a pain to implement. Fun to do. Read up a LOT on their stories about it.
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