Is it possible to add more hard-disk to a notebook

is it possible to add more hard-disk to a notebook
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  1. I remember only a few 15-17" laptops have two hard drive bays. If you want more space, you have to replace the hard drive currently inside.
  2. Is this for a NEW buy, or an existing one. If new gracefully is correct - make sure you verify. I have a toshibia A305 and ther is a place for a 2nd HDD and the pin-out are there - just NO socket. Come on a dollar two nity-five part. Thought about having the socket installed, but no sure the BIOS would recognize it and most bios for laptops are Locked (Min user settings).
  3. I have a Toshiba Qosmio X305. It came with 1 HD installed. There was room and a connector for the 2nd HD, but no mounting bracket. I got the bracket for $5 from Toshiba Parts. No one else had or knew about the 2nd HD bracket.

    Also depending on the laptop, you may have either a firewire or eSATA port. Those both would allow you to use a 2nd HD. External USB is also possible but much slower.

    Check you laptop specs, see what is available from there.
  4. pshoaf
    could you provide a link. Didd the motherboard have the connector scocket and the bracket was just to hold the HDD in place??
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