Budget Build - Deciding the graphics card

Games i play - CoD4, Wow, Hoping to play Wotlk on 60 fps when it comes out in raids as well on a resolution of 1280 x 1024 only got a 17 nch lcd monitor.

Here is my current Budget Build

CPU/Mobo :intel dual core e7200 wolfdale 2.53 gh
BIOSTAR TForce TP43D2A7 LGA 775 Intel P43 Combo deal - 183$

Case /PSU: antec 300/ 550w psu combo deal - 85$
Ram: 4gb g skill - 55$
Operating sytem - vista home 64 bit - 100$
HDrive: Seagate OoooOooO barracuda 400gb 7200 - 50$

Graphics Card - PNY VCG96512GXEB GeForce 9600 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 - 90 $

What can i replace the graphics card for better performance/money ratio or is this card good enough i can waste 146 bucks on a graphics card so what should i buy? Im not planning to run sli or crossfire in the future

If no? plz Link what graphics card on newegg
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  1. If you can't afford it now, I'd wait a couple weeks (assuming you have an income) and get an HD 4850 like above.
  2. the hd 4850 just like 20 more bucks heck if it has way better performance then i'll get it
  3. Keep your money. For that amount you can buy a HD 4850 but the gain is not worth $146. Save a bit more and upgrade in June when the new 40nm cards are out.
  4. 9800GTX+

    Nvidia has better drivers, it has a dual slot cooler, it can overclock much more, and in most of the reviews I've looked through @ 1280x1024 it trades blows w/the 4850. The 4850 only really beats it playing Race Driver GRID at high res with AA.

    But on another note, I bought an eVGA 9600GT SSC (super super clocked) for $65 w/rebate and at 1280x1024 it was maxing out everything (CoD4, GRID, etc.) but Crysis. The only reason I sold it was to turn a profit and wait for a better deal.
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