Worth the card upgrade? 2560 x 1600

I posted this question on another forum but I want to see if your answers match what they said.
I have a 8800gts 640mb card right now and have been gaming on a 1920 x 1200 monitor for almost a year
with this card. Now I've upgraded to a "Samsung 305t plus" 30" monitor with 2560 x 1600 resolution. I
am considering upgrading to either a 4870 1gb card or else a gtx280. The 4870x2 is not in my price range so PLEASE
DONT SAY TO GET THAT. Also I dont have an SLI or Crossfire compatible board so that's not an option either. Which
card would you go with? Right now I only really play WoW mostly with some battlefield 2 in there too. In WoW i
like to have all the settings high and full 2560x1600 resolution. Even though i know wow isn't terribly graphics
intensive I it still gets lower frame rates than I'd like. Please let me know your opinions on what i should do. Also
are there any expected price drops coming?
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  1. You would notice some difference in upgrading the cards but tbh I dont think its worth it right now. I recommend that since you mostly play WOW to wait until the next big upgrade comes out and get a better card then,

    Your card still has a lot of life left in it. You should try to OC the video card and the CPU if you havent already.
  2. Any other opinions? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. bigbeef2604 said:
    Any other opinions? Any help would be appreciated.

    Well both ATI and Nvidia will have new graphics cards coming out shortly. Nvidia will have the GT206 in about 3 months. Source: http://rumorfeed.blogspot.com/.

    Wait it out, because the prices will go down when the new board hits.

    Also if that is too long, wait until after X-mas and get a nice discount on current cards. Most stores will drop prices just before and after the X-mas rush.

    I would seriously wait a few months and get the 4870X2 after Nvidia releases it's refresh, since it will most likely force the X2 to go down in price.

    Take it from me, I am disappointed with my 280, since my friends 4870X2 is a much better card... And I paid about $200 bucks more for my 280 than he did for his X2. That will teach me to jump on the "best" as soon as it comes out.
  4. Patience, as they say, is a virtue. Stick with the 8800. With a little luck you`ll be able to pick up a post Christmas bargain.
    Do n`t wait for refreshes. If I did that I`d still be playing with my TNT2 card waiting for the `next best thing` to arrive.

    Go for the HD4870 1Gb, at your resolution, you`ll need the extra memory.
  5. 280 GTX, 4870 1 gig or the 4870 X2 should be ur only choices if you want to see any future in gaming. Although its not gauranteed it would be more of a chance than the rest of the cards.


    Don't be fooled by weaker cards getting the extra ram (4850 1 gig). Although it might help for 1-3 frames, it certainly does not have the over all raw power needed to show off it's ram;) happy hunting!
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