Rookie trying to setup esata ext hdd for storage/backup.

First forum rookie hope I'm posting properly anyway what settings do I need to check or drivers needed ,with windows 7 64 and hp dv7 laptop when adding ext esata seagate for proper function. Also a toshiba esata drive left some crazy driver in my computer as follows A54JAZPV IDE Controller I tried to update but windows cant find one ,should I disable, uninstall, or leave alone? I took the drive back junk and bought seagate black armor 1tb esata ,But also causes error hpdskflt 1002 only when I boot or disconnect and reconnect ,maybe computer problem not drive. HELP please new computer and one last thing I dont notice any problems except error in event viewer so far,maybe error not important I dont know sigh! THANKS for any suggestions.
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    1) Is the eSATA port a shared eSATA/USB port?
    2) Is the drive eSATA only or is it a eSATA/USB drive?

    If you answer yes to both of those question, then you are having a similar or same problem as I am. I have a Toshiba with a eSATA/USB port. If I connect a eSATA only device to the port it works fine, if I connect USB to the port it works fine. If I use a eSATA cable and connect to a eSATA/USB external drive, it does not work at all.
  2. Yes I HAD same problem so I went and bought new seagate 1tb esata seems to work fine but I get error when boot or plug in I get hpdskflt error in event viewer no other issues I guess. I think microsoft needs to work on there drivers and hp support sucks! Any ideas on fix ? The toshiba you have is probaly same on really nice looking but built in vhd sucks and likes to deep sleep all the time. Thanks for the info at least I not alone in sata hell!
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