Please Help Ventrilo/Vista sound issue :@

Ok guys, this problem is really pissing me off :( , I bought a new rig and it came with vista premium 32bit, I play WoW and use ventrilo, one night i upgrade to SP1 and all goes to hell. Now on ventrilo my friends say it sounds like I'm talking from a wind funnel and its annoying as hell... for the last few days i cannot get this resolved. I've tried a bunch of things, none seems to work. I am no pc wiz, esp when it comes to vista, as I am new to it.

So, does anybody have any ideas ? Could sp1 have caused this ? Any resolves? Thanks a lot, I would appreciate some feedback before i kill myself lol.
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  1. post what kind of sound card you have, sometimes the latest drivers have issues, so installing a previous version might just help. Take mic boost off too.
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