Review my overclocking with feedback

I'm wanting to post my results here to see if a friend and I have done things correctly or if there are more tweaks we don't know about?

Any feedback is welcome. If anyone needs more screen shots to determine any further information then let me know.
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  1. It looks like you are overclocking your memory and that is limiting your CPU overclock.
    What kind of motherboard?
  2. I'm using a P5E3. When I load up PS or heavier software.

    Multiplier: x 9.0
    CPU Core Speed: 3600-ish

    From what I can tell it's using my CPU only when it needs. Those reading are from when the computer is idle.
  3. Yes, but you are still overclocking your memory. The 1:2 FSB:RAM ratio tells me that. OTOH, if your settings are stable and you are happy with what you have, don't worry about it.
  4. Does that mean that I'm working the ram more often and harder than the CPU?

    Also how would I get it to the 1:1 ratio that your taking about? What benifits would the 1:1 ratio gain me?
  5. Disable speedstep so that it wont back down to the x6 multiplier. (;

    When you raise the FSB it will raise the ram speed (unless you unlink the two) so going with a 1:1 ratio will stop your ram from being overclocked and hindering your cpu's speed.
  6. if you are happy with your oc and cant be bothered with futher optimisation than i think this will serve you just fine. but i sure the CPU can go much futher.4Ghz?lol
  7. overshocked said:
    Disable speedstep...
    How do i do that? I see no such option in my bios.
  8. enzoamata said:
    How do i do that? I see no such option in my bios.

    Look for "EIST" setting and disable it.
  9. I've looked for the EIST setting and don't see it anywhere. I am worried tho as I have just noticed this writting in red on my bois.
  10. More BIOS and CPUZ pictures to help you guys figure out what's going on. When I ran the FSB at 800 it failed to boot but I thought I'd show you the settings anyway. I found the EIST and it made no difference :(

  11. My take on the fan speed warning is that you've plugged a case fan into the Power Fan header on your motherboard and it probably isn't intended for that.

    That header is only for connection to fans in PSU's that have such a connector.
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