Male to male connector for hard drive

I purchased a portable iomega hard drive(model MDHD360-UE),
and during a move it stopped working. I understand there is a way to use a card reader to slave it as a usb drive. I purchased one, but am now trying to find a male to male cord to go betwen the hard drive and the 10 in one card reader. Does anyone know where to fond such a beast? If I need to give more information let me know. Thankyou in advance.
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  1. Let me see if I understand you. You have an external HDD with a broken controller (that is, the interface and not the drive itself is broken) and you need a cable to connect the HDD itself directly to your computer. Tell me if I'm wrong, but it sounds more likely that you will need a SATA cable to make the connection.
  2. Er have you removed the drive from the portable enclosure, if you have, what connector is it, sata or Ide



    You can connect to motherboard using appropriate cable
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