9800GX2 quad SLI setup failure help and advise needed

Hello all , I have been getting terrible performance with my SLI setup . I recently read http://www.guru3d.com/article/far-cr...mance-review/5 and the performance is so dissapointing ..even at Crysis I get very low FPS something around 20..Does quad SLI ever work ? Why did NVIDIA claim that almost 6 months ago this was the fastest most powerfull graphic card setup ever http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone_quadsli.html . I almost payed 1000 euros for these cards and it feels like such a rip off. For example at Crysis when I enable quad SLi for the NVIDIA control panel , I can hear both of the cards fans go on and then after a minute the display driver stops responding ..and crashes . I have tried that witht a variety of drivers for the very latest one till the 1st one . Same goes with Farcry 2..What would be the performance of a GTX 280 SLI setup compared to this? What is so wrong with quad SLI..I need to point out that I play most games with just 1 card enbled cause SLI keeps failing and the driver crashes I did reinstall Vista as well....
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  1. Nothing wrong with my Quad SLI.
    You arent giving us much info here , what are your system specs?
  2. The 9800GX2 is still the most powerful card for Crysis; even I can get 45-55 FPS (1280x1024) using one of them. Its probably bad drivers or something else causing the conflit. Make sure you manually enable SLI from the control panel.

    Also note, the 9800GX2 can not Quad SLI under XP (NVIDIA was afraid of the cards eating too much RAM from the system i guess...)
  3. wouldn't it be CPU hungry not ram??? That's why it has it's own ram.

    Yes a single GX2 is still fastest card for crysis @ the moment but that doesn't say much.

    I don't think Far Cry 2 supports SLI yet, I mean theres like 1-2 difference between 2 of my 280s. So Quad sli is out of the quesiton.

    If Far cry 2 can use 1 GX2 consider yourself lucky. If its true and it doesn't support SLI ur looking at those 2 9800 GX2 performing about as strong as a 8800 GTS 512 ( actually slightly lower) Thats if it doesn't support SLI, which from my benchmarks it doesn't.
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