HD4870 + HD4870x2 crossfire

Hi guys

Would this setup work? are there any benchmarks?? i already have a HD4870 card and was wondering when i upgrade, if the extra HD4870x2 would make a difference??

Cheers guys
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  1. That setup would work, and you would get a boost from the spare 4870 in CF, but dont expect too much of a boost...
  2. He should expect a substantial boost actually... since he is adding an HD 4870 X2, not a single HD 4870...
  3. thats only if the drivers can handles it, and if the 4870 is a 1 GB version. I've seen enough benchmarks showing the tri from ATI under performing, but their Quad performing better.

    I would search some benchies (most of my statements are based off the matured drivers of the 3870 X2+ 3870).
  4. I wanted to add, that Crossfire works (incase people misunderstood me) even with the 512 4870, but you'll restrict even the 4870 X2 to using only half of its ram, which pretty much cripples the setup in comparison to the results I saw the 1 gig 4870 ( how much more it gained).

    I would stick to just 2 4870 512s if thats the case.
  5. or couldn't you make the 4870 X2 the main card and then have the 4870 512 use the 4870 X2s memory? that seems like that would work the best... although that may not be possible
  6. no it isn't unfortunately, plus u'd be putting too much stress on 1 card, instead of balancing the game as much as possible between em.

    :) You would obviously put the better 1 in the main socket, but really it makes no difference anyways:)
  7. Yes it should. Just make sure to make the X2 as your primary.
    Tri Xfire works but you would need Vista to do it.
  8. You should have a serious PSU for that setup, maybe 850W.

    The compatibility list is here but it hasn't included HD 4870 X2 yet.
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