Intel X25-M vs X18-M

Hey there, whats the difference between X25-M and X18-M other than 2.5" form factor and 1.8" form factor????

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    The X18's use a MicroSATA connector for power instead of the standard SATA, as they need power from the 3.3v rail instead of the 5v. I bought one in a pack that already had a power converter mounted on the PCB, and then other one I bought I had to buy an adapter to connect the power.
  2. The X18-M are based on the G1 controller i think, while X25-M you get the G2 controller. Not sure tho.
  3. x18's are also G2.
  4. Thanks alot. Seems spot on with the 3.3V vs 5V power requirement.

    Found this too, might help others:
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