Which of these two 280 gtx cards should i get?


the only difference i could find is that one has also dual vga support.

which is better, are there any other differences? do i need vga support anymore?

thank you
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  1. I would get the supercclocked one for $20.00 more.
    VGA support is needed on older monitors.
    You can always buy the VGA adapters if you need them later on.

  2. crysis isnt a benchmark.
    and i wouldnt touch ati with a 6 foot stick.
  3. No one recommended an ATI card. If you are set one 280 then get the overclocked for just a little more.
  4. With the Problems with defective chips I wonder why anyone would bother with Nvida ......I hope they get it fixed sooner rather than later.
  5. Be mindful of the new developments surrounding Directx 10.1.

    Far Cry 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky are just 2 of the new games to join the team.

    This is a feature exclusive to ATI at the moment. With the recent and well-known success of the ATI 4600 and 4800 series cards, you can plan on this happening more and more.

    In otherwords, think ahead...
  6. beginner101 said:
    i wouldnt touch ati with a 6 foot stick.

    ...Why is ATI so bad? Which begs the question, why is nVidia so good? The answer: They are both companies that only want your money and when they want you, the consumer, to be happy it is merely because they want you to buy more of the products and give them more of your money.

    Edit: That is a pretty good price on a GTX 280, I think it will be a decent choice. Get the cheapest, if you have any form of experience at all then you should be able to easily surpass those OC'd speeds. And if you don't have the experience, then you can barrow ours, that's why we are here.
  7. Remember having a Single GPU card that performs roughly the same as a dual GPU card is always going to be a better solution.

    The op asked between 2 cards, I don't think he's look for suggestions on others:)

    Personally I would buy the Stock and OC to the Superclocked version. :)

    How about this 280 GTX? Its better price, and BFG is now a slightly better company offering 10 extra days of step up:)


    PLus its the OC edition:)


    Original Price: $449.99
    Instant Savings: - $50.00
    Price: $399.99
    Less Rebate: - $50.00

    Final Price: $349.99*
  8. Just one point to the OP; The GTX 280 is a very long card (11.5'') make sure there`s enough room in your case for it.
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