Recovering data from sata hdd (broken sata connection)

Hi all,
I managed to snap the sata data aconnection from my hdd when i moved the hdd chasis from my case this morning. The metal pins are fine but the little plastic mounting bracket is gone :( I was thinking of taking wire strippers and taking a sata cable apart and manually connecting them to the hdd. Has anyone tried this? Anyone got any advice?
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  1. If the pins are OK, I would suggest your first attempt should be to try to plug the SATA data cable into the pins. You may have to be careful to manipulate delicate pins into the cable connector end by poking with a tiny screwdriver or with pliers. Be sure to provide mechanical support on the cable so it does not pull the pins. See if you can get a good connection that way, sufficient to copy everything off the damaged unit.

    If that fails you MIGHT have to resort to modifying a SATA cable and soldering directly onto the pins. In fact, there is a possibility that one or more of the pins has lost its connection with the printed circuit board, and you would have to try gently soldering SATA cable wires directly to the correct PC board point.
  2. I had this problem with a WD Black 2TB drive data connector (Corsair Carbide 30R case, sideways drives, 'spare' cabling in the RHS, forced the case side on and broke the SATA L piece!) . After the initial panic, I pushed the broken-off L piece into the SATA cable plug, gently eased the drive pins into the gap, and it worked fine to get all the data off (no stress on the cable, drive loose in the case). After this, I removed the plug from the cable and soldered the wires directly to the pins using a 0.75mm tip and low melting point solder (150C). I glued the cable to the top of the case (for strain relief) and all was fine. Before soldering, I bent the drive pins slightly, alternatively up and down to give a little more working room. I was apprehensive about doing this, but the option was to bin the drive and buy a new one. I like this way better.
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