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Hi guys,
I installed a new Coolermaster v8 with Arctic silver 5 and Im running my i7 920 d0 at 3.2 ghz @1.175 v core. With prime 95 running I get temperatures of 65 degrees celcius and at idle its around 35 degrees. Are these temperatures ok? Should I try lowering the voltage since it's a d0 stepping?
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  1. Yes, do try lowering your voltage.
  2. il try lowering the v core, but is the current temperature in getting ok?
  3. The answer to your question is it depends.

    What was the ambient room temperature when running Prime 95?

    One of the problems we have is a big difference in environmental conditions. Ambient room temperatures can vary quite a bit around the world.
  4. id say roughly 16-20 degrees
  5. If the ambient room temperature is 20C and your system idles at 35C then your system is definitely running warm.
  6. To be more accurate the idle temp is 37-30 and at load this goes up to 65 degrees.
    The ambient room temperature is 22-23. the cpu is overclocked to 3.2 ghz, is 35-ish and 65-ish too hot for this?
  7. Edit: at load it reaches 62 max
  8. Thats with Prime95 ^^
    (Sorry for the triple post, but the edit post feature doesnt seem to be working, says i'm not allowed to edit message)

    I forgot something very important. What application or utility are you using to measure the cpu temperature? Results vary with different utilities. We've seen some rather large discrepancies among different utilities.

    What pc case do you have?
  10. im using real temp to measure my cpu temperature and i have an antec 1200 cose
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