E5200 temps - slowly rising?

I've had my E5200 in my system for about 2 months now... more than enough time for the AS5 to set. I am using a Xigmatek HDT-S963 HSF that may not be on properly... I've done it about 5 times and I can usually get it to idle at around 28*C ... not much better than stock.

Anyway, I OC'd the CPU and it was steady 31/32 for the longest time. Now it is idling at 35/36/37 and nothing has changed. In fact, the ambient temperature has gotten colder with winter. I have never seen this before... any possible causes?

PS I hate push pins!!!
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  1. Let me start by saying I haven't fiddled at all with desktop CPU fans and the like. Anyway, here's my thought. If you have any other fan inside the case that is temperature controlled then maybe that fan is running less often because whatever part it cools is colder now because its winter. This is a wild shot in the dark but I hope it's worth something.
  2. if the ambient temp (if you live in the southern hemisphere, summer is coming/here, and outside case temps will increase. this means cpu temps will increase...

    you did apply AS 5 or some TIM when putting on that s963 didnt you?

    oh i just read your other post.. so its heading into winter and temps are increasing? :??: do you have case fans there? or just CPU and PSU fans..
  3. Using an Antec 300 case with maximum fans. 2 intake in front, 1 side intake, 1 rear exhaust, and 1 top exhaust. The thing is like a vacuum cleaner.

    It is a very odd problem and I am not sure what is going on... could the fan on the HSF be going bad? It is less than 6 months old. None of my fans are temp controlled I do it all myself. How odd.
  4. the top exhaust is probably disrupting the airflow... either disconnect it (if its connected to the PSU) or turn it off (if its mobo connected) with speedfan.
  5. although... if you're using a heater or something while its winter? the ambient still might be a bit hotter than it was 6 months ago...
  6. Oh I don't have the heat on very high... I like to save my dollars and wear a few extra sweaters.

    I am not sure the top fan is the problem. I've had it in this setup for months now and the temperatures were gradually lowering as the AS5 set. Then, suddenly, HIGHER! Not near a heat source of any kind, not even a vent.

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