PSU Question?

I am wanting to get a new video card. I have been looking at new cards but I started to wonder if my current psu will work? I have a thermaltake 430 watt psu

Which cards would work best with this?
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  1. use this check how much wattage your pc used. Then check the wattage require of your video card
  2. ati 4670 might be the best card with that power supply the 12v rail is not
    strong enough should be 2 or more 12v rails with at least around 30v total
    or you could det a new power supply and better vid card i just got a 4830
    it's a nice card

    ($54.99 after $20.00 Mail-In
    4670 good for lower resolution 1280 1024 price is cheap after rebate
    plugs into motherboard no external power connection needed
    good luck
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