Overcloking E4600 fails on Asus P5Q-E?

I wanted to overclock the C2D E4600 on the P5Q-E but the later always fails at start-up.
I increased the FSB by some 10MHz but even that it failed.
Anything I do fails.
I left everything on Auto except for the FSB.

Could the CPU be the problem or it's the motherboard?

Something I noticed is that the EPU-Engine overclock the CPU but it never crashed but if I overclock the later in BIOS it crashed and restart at Start-up. That's weird!!!!
I'm upgrading to the Q9550. I have already ordered it.


C2D E4600 @2.4 GHz
Asus P5Q-E
Antec Trio TP3-650 650W
2GB Corsair XMS2-DDR II 800MHz
Sapphire HD 4870.
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  1. Could be your RAM... if you have it set to 800mhz (as it should be) youll be running DRAM:FSB at 2:1 if this is hard locked at 2:1 increasing the fsb by 10... 210 FSB will automatically set your ram to 840mhz... although most ram will have 5-15% headroom you might need to increase voltage to do so.

    Suggest making sure your RAM is running at 1:1, download CPU-z and check memory settings to confirm ;)
  2. According tho the motherboard the RAM can't be run below 800 MHz.
    I locked the RAM so that it doesn't overclock as well and I got no result.
    Since everything blocked at POST then it's impossible to run CPU-Z.

    What I don't understand is that the Asus EPU can overclock the later by 5-10% without any issues but I can't change anything in BIOS...

    Normally that should be very easy because this motherboard is reputed to be very good at overclocking...
  3. have you disabled spread spectrum? C1E? speedstep? i very much doubt it is the CPU's fault.

    make sure your ram is running at the rated timings and voltages too.

    and why would you get an e4600 over an e4400 anyway? 10x multi and 200fsb easy headroom not enough for you? :lol:
  4. The E4600 is not mine. I swapped it with my Pentium D 945 3.4 GHz.

    Well I have ordered the C2Q Q9550 which is the best best Quad at the moment...

    When I'll get my Quad then I'll try to overclock it.
    If it's unsuccessful then there is a problem.

    So By disabling all these features will make the CPU overclock well.
    I'll try all these!!! Thx
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