Help me pick 1 of these cards for sli

Im not sure which card to get, they are both the same price, im planning on buying 2 of these in January and need help to pick the best choice.
Here are the newegg links . .

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Ok this:

    Core clock 725MHz
    Stream Processors 128

    and this:
    Core clock 612MHz
    Stream Processors 112

    So... go for the first one.

    Btw, I thought both cards should have 112 SPs for the 9800GT?????

    Am I missing something here? Any one care to explain???
  2. The 8800GTS has 128SP. Maybe these are rebadged 8800GTS chips as 9800GT chips? Nvidia rebadges everything these days, makes as much sense as anything else. I wonder when they will release something new? (other then the GTX chips)
  3. Yes, the Asus EN Ultimate is a rebadged 8800GTS 512
  4. At first I thought it was a Newegg typo, but after reading around a little bit, apparently Asus is just doing strange, confusing **** (similar to that 9600 GSO "Magic" poo). That's almost completely a plain 9800GTX, so why they call it a GT is beyond me. The only differences between a 9800GT and 9800GTX is the 16 shaders, dual-slot cooler and clock speed... and uh... that has all three except it's memory clock is 200Mhz shy of a reference GTX.

    Perhaps a way to use slightly lower-binned GDDR3? Asus creating it's own spec of card and calling it an existing card + vague modifier is confusing for most people and I'm surprised Nvidia allows it, but aside from all that, it's an excellent card for an excellent price. Scoop up a pair and be happy.
  5. does anyone know of a better card for the same price or cheaper? i was looking at some of the Open Box and re sertified cards new egg has but i dont think i trust that . .

    lol i was hopeing that someone was going to say the black one was better because of new technology or something . . its such a good looking card . .:(

    There's a number of 4850's that come out just $10 higher before and after rebate. If you take a look here:

    And consider the 9800GT Ultimate in SLI will nestle right in between the 9800GX2 and 9800GTX+ SLI, the 4850s typically come out on top or right in the same range.

    Edit: And the Sapphire model comes with a sweet 4GB DDR2-1066 kit combo purchase that makes it only 28 bucks after rebate.
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