What's The Difference Between These Two Differently Priced i7 920's

The $329.99 one includes the CPU fan, the $389.99 doesn't.

So why does the cheaper one include a fan and the more expensive one doesn't?


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  1. I think it is because the retailer is temporarily cutting the price to the one with the heatsink to attract customers (NewEgg is offering the same product for $299.99) while they did not cut the price to the OEM. Otherwise, the OEM would be cheaper. I find it odd, however, that they did not cut the price to the OEM too because that will not make people choose the OEM version.
  2. Thanks bro, I was wondering the same thing. I guess the crucial detail is that the CPU's are identical. The listing is from the Canadian branch of TigerDirect. I try to avoid shopping there due to an unpleasant experience I had a couple of years ago. However, I do use their website for pricing for retailers that price match.
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