My system build (WIP) $500-$1000 budget Gaming PC

Well I am trying to put together a realistic price for my budget, which is 500-1000 dollars. I want to make a decent gaming computer with these parts so far. Please post any parts that have same/better performance with a better price. All of my prices are from Also i am a Newb to computers, but i have a friend that can build them.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 $169.99


Harddrive - ?

Graphics Card - ?

Sound Card - ?

RAM - ?

Drivers - ?
(looking for a burner also)

PSU - ?

Anything that I am forgetting?

Well post a few suggestions remember $500-$1000 budget. Also is going to be a gaming computer I am looking for the usual performance and price are evenly balanced.
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  1. ^+1 to the build suggested in that thread by shortstuff _mt.
    Its the first reply to the OP.

    EDIT: I just saw a drive wasn't in that list... Here is a good sata DVD burner.
  2. thanks for that link, It has basically exactly what i was looking for.
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