Will this cpu support this mother board

hello all,

I wanted to buy a faster cpu for my pc but i'm a bit of a noob what supports and stuff like that

i want to buy a e8400 processor but i dont know if it will support my mobo

heres some info i have from everst:

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID 63-0100-000001-00101111-011607-RS400$E415SM_THIS BIOS IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR ACER ONLY-01/16/2007
Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties:
Bus Type Intel NetBurst
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (QDR)
Effective Clock 800 MHz
Bandwidth 6400 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties:
Bus Width 64-bit

CPUID Properties:
CPUID Manufacturer GenuineIntel
CPUID CPU Name Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
CPUID Revision 00000F47h
IA Brand ID 00h (Unknown)
Platform ID 13h (Socket 775)
IA CPU Serial Number Unknown
Microcode Update Revision 3
HTT / CMP Units 1 / 2

Instruction Set:
64-bit x86 Extension (AMD64, EM64T) Supported
Alternate Instruction Set Not Supported
AMD 3DNow! Not Supported
AMD 3DNow! Professional Not Supported
AMD Enhanced 3DNow! Not Supported
AMD Extended MMX Not Supported
Cyrix Extended MMX Not Supported
IA-64 Not Supported
IA MMX Supported
IA SSE Supported
IA SSE 2 Supported
IA SSE 3 Supported
CLFLUSH Instruction Supported
CMPXCHG8B Instruction Supported
CMPXCHG16B Instruction Supported
Conditional Move Instruction Supported
MONITOR / MWAIT Instruction Supported
RDTSCP Instruction Not Supported
SYSCALL / SYSRET Instruction Not Supported
SYSENTER / SYSEXIT Instruction Supported
VIA FEMMS Instruction Not Supported

Security Features:
Advanced Cryptography Engine (ACE) Not Supported
Data Execution Prevention (DEP, NX, EDB) Supported
Hardware Random Number Generator (RNG) Not Supported
Montgomery Multiplier & Hash Engine Not Supported
Processor Serial Number (PSN) Not Supported

Power Management Features:
Automatic Clock Control Supported
Enhanced Halt State (C1E) Not Supported
Enhanced SpeedStep Technology (EIST, ESS) Not Supported
Frequency ID Control Not Supported
LongRun Not Supported
LongRun Table Interface Not Supported
PowerSaver 1.0 Not Supported
PowerSaver 2.0 Not Supported
PowerSaver 3.0 Not Supported
Processor Duty Cycle Control Supported
Software Thermal Control Not Supported
Temperature Sensing Diode Not Supported
Thermal Monitor 1 Supported
Thermal Monitor 2 Not Supported
Thermal Monitoring Not Supported
Thermal Trip Not Supported
Voltage ID Control Not Supported

CPUID Features:
36-bit Page Size Extension Supported
Address Region Registers (ARR) Not Supported
CPL Qualified Debug Store Supported
Debug Trace Store Supported
Debugging Extension Supported
Fast Save & Restore Supported
Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT) Not Supported
L1 Context ID Supported
Local APIC On Chip Supported
Machine Check Architecture (MCA) Supported
Machine Check Exception (MCE) Supported
Memory Configuration Registers (MCR) Not Supported
Memory Type Range Registers (MTRR) Supported
Model Specific Registers (MSR) Supported
Page Attribute Table (PAT) Supported
Page Global Extension Supported
Page Size Extension (PSE) Supported
Pending Break Event Supported
Physical Address Extension (PAE) Supported
Secure Virtual Machine Extensions (Pacifica) Not Supported
Self-Snoop Supported
Time Stamp Counter (TSC) Supported
Virtual Machine Extensions (Vanderpool) Not Supported
Virtual Mode Extension Supported

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  1. what chipset does the board have? have you checked for cpu support at the acer homepage?
  2. hey,

    heres is what everst says:



    [ North Bridge: ATI RS400 ]

    North Bridge Properties:
    North Bridge ATI RS400
    Revision 01
    Process Technology 0.13 um

    Memory Controller:
    Type Dual Channel (128-bit)
    Active Mode Single Channel (64-bit)

    Memory Timings:
    CAS Latency (CL) 3T

    Memory Slots:
    DRAM Slot #1 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM)
    DRAM Slot #2 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM)

    PCI Express Controller:
    PCI-E x16 port #0 In Use @ x16

    Chipset Manufacturer:
    Company Name ATI Technologies Inc.
    Product Information http://www.ati.com/products/integrated.html
    Driver Download http://www.ati.com/support/driver.html

    and i havent looked for the support ill look now
  3. i cant find anyting for the support :(
  4. If Everest says it has an ATI RS400 northbridge, then it will not support a Core 2 Duo processor. I have an ASUS board with that chipset in an old PC in the closet and it came out before the Conroes arrived. It's socket 775 sure, but it only supports Pentium 4 and Pentium D's (I have an old P4 630 in mine and it's not worth it finding a Pentium D as an upgrade).

    Board's with the RS400 chipset and X200 IGP were pretty much the last ATI chipsets done for Intel processors prior to AMD buying ATI.

    Here's AMD's page on the chipset:



    While it's wildly possible that Acer could have a proprietary board with the RS400 chipset that does have the right voltage and capacitors to support an Allendale or Conroe, I really doubt it. You'd have to e-mail Acer's tech support for information on how to identify your system and what CPU's it does support. I don't expect it to support anything beyond a Pentium D and even a 3.0 gigahertz Pentium D is slower than a 2 gigahertz Athlon X2 or Core 2 in virtually every task you throw at it.

    My recommendation is to get a new board with an Intel chipset if you want a Core 2 Duo upgrade. Contact Acer's tech support for help in getting a new board, as I'm not familiar with that OEM and whether they can fix you up with a new board or if you just have to get a new PC. You might be able to use a standard ATX board in the Acer case, but your copy of Windows might be Acer specific and need a board that's specifically from Acer to work.

    In which case, don't go with an OEM like Acer, HP, Gateway, Dell or (especially) Emachines. Have one built custom at a good PC shop or large store like Fry's. Even better, learn to build your own, it's not that hard.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka. They coincide this year and I celebrate both!
  5. thnx for the loong comment :D

    well the problem is that my pc has no warrenty anymore cus i have changed the case to a Aerocool Aeroengine :)

    and grapic card is changed into a ATI HD3870
    and also i have 2gb corsair ram in it

    so what u guys say that i need a new mother board? IF it doesnt support the cpu?

    IF it doesnt support which motherboard would i buy?

    oh and the pc had a sticker with ''vista capable'' lol (i have xp)
  6. No, the board will not support a 8400, even if the chipset does support the new core duos(which it does not), the BIOS on Acer board would not have the necessary built in support for it. Mainstream prebuilds are assembled with very limited support for CPU upgrades, they want you to buy a new system, not upgrade what you have.
    Next problem to consider. If you are using the OEM version of Windows that came with your prebuild, it most likely will not work, or even install if you buy a new motherboard.
  7. i have talked with my friend

    well im going to buy a new mobo but there one problem i'm have not that much money :)

    what im going to buy is this mobo:

    this cpu:

    and the good thing he says

    the mobo has crossfire supported so i now have the ati HD 3870 with crossfire supported and i can buy a nother hd3870 later and connect them together :D
  8. Good choices on a budget.

    Huge improvement over what you have.

    Your also gonna have to ditch the DDR SDRAM for some DDR2 800 ram. (PC2 6400) Your ram will not fit the motherboard, and like another poster said, you will need a new windows disk, cause you cant just drop in your HDD and hope it works, because it wont.

    You will need a new Windows Disk, your Acer one wont run on a different motherboard.

    You could download a OEM version of your Windows and try to reuse your product key, I have had much success with that.
  9. new windows? :(

    well uhm the best thing i can do the is install vista?

    but i have a kinda back-up disk of acer i think that will not work? :(

    oh and i already have ddr2 ram in it and also sata harddisk :)
  10. Memory Slots:
    DRAM Slot #1 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM)
    DRAM Slot #2 1024 MB (DDR SDRAM)

    That dont look like DDR2 to me.
  11. CrazyTurk said:
    new windows? :(

    well uhm the best thing i can do the is install vista?

    but i have a kinda back-up disk of acer i think that will not work? :(

    oh and i already have ddr2 ram in it and also sata harddisk :)

    The Ram in your list is DDR SDRAM, not DDR2, as roadrunner said.

    An Acer back up disk most likely has a version of Windows licensed only to Acer. They restore the system to the original purchase configuration by formatting the drive and reinstalling the OS and free software. They would check for an Acer board to ensure the copy of Windows is not being used on a non-licensed PC.

    You should be able to get an OEM copy of Windows with the processor and motherboard on your list, but you'll need at least 2 gigs of DDR2 800 as well, so factor that into your costs. Here in the U.S. OEM copies of Windows generally cost $100. DDR2 800 is cheap. Hope you can still do the build.
  12. hmm well i will see then thank you for the comment :)

    but im 100% sure its ddr2 i bought 2 months earlier 2gigs of ram :S and its now in my pc

    printscreen of cpuz:

    if u still dont believe i will take a picture of it :P
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