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Hello everybody, I have a friend who wants to get into PC gaming (he has seen me playing crysis on my PC i built back last christmas) and he wants me to put the parts together on newegg (he knows nothing about computers, he is a "console tard" if you will. but anyway I was glad too, after all anything involving me handling expensive computer components is a win as far as I'm concerned. So, with his budget of $1500 in mind, i set out to make a pc that would be able to handle any and all games you could throw at it (for the next year at least :D).

Ok here is the list

tell me what you think, keep in mind he will be playing on a 17 inch LCD, not a giant plasma like some of you guys I'm sure. I guess he doesn't care about size, just image quality. but keep that in mind, as crysis is sure to run much faster at 1024x720 (or whatever res it is) than it would at 1080p
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  1. Nice build, well thought out although overkill for his resolution. My bet is he'll upgrade the monitor though. Only thing i'd change is the RAM for this DDR2 800 1.8v lower latency
  2. that RAM i chose has won alot of awards, you sure? it seems to be VERY good RAM. also i agree he will probably get AT least a 20 inch some time before the years end. btw he will be buying this by october 30th i think. I will look into that RAM though thanks

    edit: i checked and it says my RAM has cas latency of 4, isn't that better than the mushkin RAM? that has 5
  3. Yes, but it also needs 2.1v to get it.
  4. I have no idea what that means, well. I'm not that stupid i know it means it needs more power but i don't see what the consequence will be.
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