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After formatting a 500GB HDD using Windows XP(sp3) how much disk space should I expect to lose to the formatting process? After formatting my new internal hard drive it only displays it's total capacity to be 465.76 GB. That's a loss of 34.24 GB of disk space. Is this normal and to be expected?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Toms' hardware forum.

    Usually the real space of a HD isn't the listened on the specifications, for your case the real space aren't the 500GB, is less, and with the format, the system use a little to save some information files.
  2. that's normal
  3. I understand that but I was shocked to see such a huge loss of disk space. 34.24GB is way more than I expected. Is my concern unnecessary?
  4. don't worry about it, as drives get bigger so does the loss. I lost 28 on my 400gig drive
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    where are you getting the "465.76GB" from? if its windows then your actually not using losing any space. your just a victim of the inconsistent definition of kilo,mega,giga.

    generally when dealing with memory kilo = 1024, mega = 1024^2 etc, but according to the metric system kilo = 1000, mega = 1000^2 etc.

    So the hard drive manufacturers use the metric notation because it sounds the biggest. so your hard drive is 500 000 000 000 bytes, which in computer terms is 465 GB

    465 X 1024 ^ 3 = 500 x 1000^3
  6. O.K. guys, thanks I appreciate the input. I guess I can relax and just go ahead and start setting up my OS on it now. Thanks again.
  7. Any time, that's why we are here.

    I also lost 34GB of two 500GB HD
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  9. saint19 said:
    Any time, that's why we are here.

    I also lost 34GB of two 500GB HD

    No you didn't :)

    You lost 0GB on your 500GB hard drive, which contains 500GB or 465 GiB.
  10. ^jaja yeah....I mean, the system only show me 465GB
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