Worth upgrading from a 4850 512 to a 4870 1gb?

I have a 4850, its a good card but was wondering if i upgraded to a 4870 1g would i see a performance diff? would it be worth the update?
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  1. "worth".. I don't know, it really depends on you. Do you require more performance? Would the performance that you require or do not require be worth the cost? A single 4870 smokes two 4850's in CF, if that is what you are asking.
  2. I personally wouldn't do it as the difference wouldn't justify the cost. You'll definitely get a better performance, but it won't be anything mind blowing. But being "worth it" is a matter of opinion. I guess if you have the money, any upgrade can be "worth it". If not, I'd save up and upgrade when next generation of CPUs and video cards become available.
  3. Welcome to the fourms!

    The answer to your question is dependent on a few factors.

    First off, what does the rest of your system look like.
    It very well could be that your current GPU, and thus a 4870, is bottlenecked bye your configuration.
    If that is so, you would see no improvement in performance at all.

    Secondly, what resolution do you game at.
    If you are gaming at 1650x1080 or lower, you likely will not see to much of a boost in performance.

    Lastly, what games are you playing and what makes you unhappy with your performance in them.
    If you are already getting a steady 60+ FPS, it will make no sense to upgrade as most displays run at 60Hz.

    Please answer the above questions and we will gladly help you make the correct decision.
  4. @ ghmage

    I want some of what you are smoking!
    A single 4870 smoking a 4850CF :lol:
    Look at some REAL benchmarks and try to justify your position to me.
    Toms GPU charts are terrible and very inaccurate.

    As a quick example, Anandtech's 48X0 Review.
    Even using very early drivers, 8.5 and 8.7 press beta, only one game in their review does not scale far past a single 4870.

  5. outlw6669 said:
    @ ghmage
    I want some of what you are smoking!
    A single 4870 smoking a 4850CF :lol:
    Look at some REAL benchmarks and try to justify your position to me.
    Toms GPU charts are terrible and very inaccurate.

    You seem to have confused yourself with someone who I might feel compelled to answer to. If you have issues with the integrity of Tom's charts, feel free to take it up with those responsible.
  6. ghmage......im afraid that you just have answered :)

    And a single 4870 is simply never going to be faster than a 4850cf setup.

    @OP Dont bother, the only worthwhile upgrade would be a 4870x2.
    The extra memory is only going to be of benefit at very high resolutions, and at those resolutions, performance in recent games is till going to be choppy on a single4870 core....the 4870x2 or wait.
  7. General rule of thumb, when you upgrade your video card, you want to make a 2 tier jump. Most of the time, upgrading to another card in the same tier, even upgrading to a card in the next tier is an expensive purchase for very little performance gain.
    I can think of one exception, if you have a 3850 for instance, it would be worth the money to buy a 4850. But the biggest reason to make this move is because the 4850 has a really great price point for the performance you get.
    It's ultimately up to you, but a 4870 is not going to be a eye popping difference over a 4850. Probably no difference at all on the vast majority of setups out there.
    If you feel the need, yeah the X2 would be the way to go.
  8. hm I was thinking the 4870x2 but $300 vs $530? heh... I wounder if the 4850x2 would be worth it, anyways the rest of my system is

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400@3.0
    ECS A780GM-A
    CORSAIR 4GB DDR2 800
    500 watt ultra x connect
    and vista 64 ultimate

    also i play at @ 1680x 1050

    i guessing from what u guys are saying it wouldn't be a significant upgrade as getting and 4870x2 or next gen card.
  9. ghmage, a single 4870 does not "beat" crossfired 4850's. Dont use smooth talk and "proper tone" to balk youre way out of it. Also, it seems Tom left some special brown on youre nose.

    As far as the OP goes, it could be worth it if you sell the 4850 after its replaced.
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