XFX 8800GT XXX Edition, stuck in 1024x768

Hi guys!

I've got a bit of an issue. I've upgraded my GFX card to the 8800GT. Now the problem is that i can't choose any other resolutions apart from 800x600 and 1024x768 and I know my LCD is capable of much higher resolutions (since i did run in 1280x1024 with my previous card). Also when i installed the 178.24 drivers after reboot the screen goes blank, i then need to unplug the monitor cable and plug it back in to get signal.

Here's my specs:

Athlon 64 3500+
3 gig ddr 400
500watt thermaltake PS ( i think )
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

Any ideas? Should I try the ever so reliable 169 drivers?? Any help greatly appreciated :)

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  1. Sounds like drivers to me, i get it sometimes where some resolutions are unavailable or i get options for resolutions i cant support. Just reinstall drivers you know work or if you fancy try a re-install on the ones that are giving trouble. Either one has worked for me in the past.

  2. Thanks guys, i'll give both a try!!
  3. Ok still nothing. Tried re-installing the old drivers 169.12 no good. I installed the new drivers twice, both in normal and safe mode and still i get a blank screen on boot up of which i need to unplug the screen and plug it back in. AND of course the only resolution is 800x600 or 1024x768. I just got this card today, so i've never had it running properly.. Any other ideas out there?
  4. Try installing the drivers for your monitor. (not really drivers) but it is an .inf file which lets Windows, and your video card know what resolutions your monitor is capable of supporting.
  5. Hi Guys,

    All fixed!! I re-installed the drivers in safe mode twice, then switched off my machine and unplugged the LCD to reset it. I think used the VGA plug and used the DVI adapter and plugged it in that way, I now have higher resolution and i don't have to unplug and plug my LCD back in on reboot :D Thanks for all your help, really appreciated!!
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