Is my PSU 650watt enough for 9800 gtx+ sli OC

I have a Cooler Master eXtreme Power 650 watt its this one i got at newegg, it was on sale for 40 bucks so i bought it, but wasn't thinking that i would ever come up to two of these powerful setup, evga 9800 gtx+ sli, so i need to know if i would have enough juice or will i blow my S*#& up, i had one gtx 260 on my system before and it ran ok but i traded it in for two 9800 gtx+, my system spec is: Intel Pentium e2180 OC at 3.2ghz, 2x1 gb Patriot DDR2 800, 2 ide harddrives, 4 antec 120mm adjustable fan one that is led, Antec P180, and my psu above. thank you to whoever can help me with this in advance. i also play at 22in 1680x1050 res if that would help too, and also one more question would this setup make a difference in future proofing my computer i mean it cant future proof forever but yea just wondering if this would be not beneficial to sli or to sli a 9800gtx+, just wanted to know if i did the right hting on trading in my gtx 260 for two 9800 gtx+ for free, oh yea i have read multiple threads about power before and had seen a lot from a guy who does two GTX 260 sli and a quad oc with only a 500watt power supply so im wondering wtf hows that possible im a noob so be nice please.
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  1. As far as the power, the PSU will deliver plenty for your current set-up. I would be wary, however, of the build quality. Take a look at the reviews on the site you've referenced alone. I've always cautioned people to invest in very high quality PSUs. If you think about it, every component in you system depends on it. If it goes, it doesn't always go quietly.
  2. You need about 30 amps on the 12v rails for that setup which you have with that power supply.

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies

    Coolermaster seems to be an okay brand with it's higher powered PSUs.
  3. Some CoolMaster PSUs are OK.
    But this is clearly a cheap build...

    #1 - Power Factor Correction (PFC): No.
    This should always be active or move along.
    In fact, this PSU would be illegal in Europe w/o it.

    #2 - Efficiency: 80% is now the low bar to be met by most well made PSUs. Many advertise 85% or more. 70% is the lowest legally allowed by law.

    If they are only designing this thing to the minimum standards to allow it to be sold legally, I would not rate quality on the priority list.

    Now, Cool Master does sell some PSUs that go the extra mile and are likely bought from a different OEM manufacturer. This one should work for what you want. But it's not one I'm sure I would select if starting fresh.

    The "Real Power Pro" line tends to be "ok" and something I would consider if the price was real good. There are other brands I would still tend to consider first, however.
  4. wow wat a fast response thanks everybody who responded, well this psu is wat ive already bought a couple months back and now i just got two 9800 gtx + from evga and its going to be oc to the max, well i dont have money now but in a couple of months i think i will probably be able to get a corsair 750 watt psu and i would like to at 2 more gigs of ram and a q6600 oc to 3.6ghz. what do u guys think of that setup with SLI 9800 gtx+, and would this setup be workable with the psu i have right now, i know it isnt of good quality (now) but u know it was then i was being stupid but i would like to know from more ppl if it will run fine stable and if it dont will it blow up my machine all together or will it just die out alone just the psu not everything else. thank you once again everybody.
  5. This is the official power chart for SLI:
  6. Well looking at the official psu for sli i dont see my cooler master psu in there so does that mean ima for sure cant use my power supply for my setup
  7. so does that mean im not going to be able to use my second 9800 gtx+, if so wat a bummer if i cant use it, it runs fine on 1680x1050 but i want it to run a lot better with two when playing crysis, and farcry 2, and other games that utilizes sli well.
  8. oh yea i forgot to tell everyone what motherboard im using if it helps, its an Asus P5N-D 750i SLI the pcie slots are super close but it fits both the 9800 with a slight tight fit.
  9. that psu will have enough power for 2 9800gtx+ and most likely 2 gtx260.
  10. The official site is really only a list that tells you what psus are approved for use with the number and type of cards listed.

    Its more important to know the amps of your psu to know if it will work. There are a lot of psus not tested and not on the list that actually will work. Yours could be one of them. This link was just a guide.
  11. yea i thought it would work somewhat because there were lots of forums that i see INVISIK has his psu at only 500 watts so i was like oh the hell, and so i was hoping for your reply invisik, i just needed some assurance that it would work without killing all my other components. oh yea so hows this future setup im going to upgrade my e2180 to a q6600 or q9450 and oc it to 3.6ghz and the two 9800 gtx+ two gigs of ddr2 800 memory. so i only got two 6pin pcie power cables so would it be safe for me to hook up another 4 4pin power to 2 6pin pcie power converter be ok for my psu.
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