OC'ing BFG gtx 275 oc

Hi guys just joined up and built my first over clocking rig... Was wanting to speed up my card a little bit but with i try things get a little choppy. i figured that since i havent been able to turn up my gpu votage (or where the option is eludes me) that pushing it any further than stock might not be possible any help would be appretiated.

xfx 780i
e8400@4.0ghz 1.4v in bois 1.37v cpuid 60c load
FSB 445x9 1.3v
cooler master v8
corsair 80amp 950watt psu
ocz 800 mhz@890 with sloppy timmings(lol)@1.95 volts(barely fast enough with 1066 i could probly go to 4.2 on cpu)
hdd 320gig sata toshiba (i think)
bfg gtx275 oc (how do i bump up this voltage?)
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  1. When OCing your GPU, you have to make sure the temps stay down for the sake of stability. What are the idle and load temps for your GPU?
  2. well EVGA has a cool software out there for free. i dont know if it will work with the BFG but i dont see why not.
    the first one is EVGA precision. you OC by increase you speeds by 24 at a time till your card crashes. restart and leave it at the settings that worked before it crash. and from there you can run bench test to see what settings run fastest for your cards.

    if you want to get into voltage control they have a software for that too. but it might not work on a BFG card or for the 275. it is called EVGA GPU Voltage Tuner.

    you can download them for free at there website.

    here is a screen shot of each.

    i hope they do work on your BFG card because they got me a added 5,000 points to my gpu score in vantage.
  3. Hi, if you really want to bump the card voltages you will need some guts...lol....and some resistors and conductive silver ink pen...and head here
    This will void your warranty indefinitely. Also its very bad idea to volt mod your card without very good cooling. Stock cooling is crap on all video cards...very crappy indeed.
  4. Ok sorry i didnt get back soner. Thanks for the input. While im not crazy about the idea of volt modding i have considered it for my 780i a.k.a pencil mod. noever thought of trying it on a video card. but since the card is worth more than the mobo i think i ill give it a shot on that firs if i ever work up the guts. but any how. Has anyone tried the Evaga stuff with a differnt brand card? i was think that ther would be a security feture that would prevent them for working so i did enven think to try. i will give that a shot. but i figured there would be an option in the bios or something of that nature. or a bois feture for a gpu. they are basicly there own mobo now anyway, i thought that they might have a way into the bois to adjust there voltages.

    Cooling is totally not in issue at stock speeds the gpu runs at 36 abient.. 38 mem idle and 42 abient 43 mem per reporting from everast. the gpu is still retaining the stock cool how ever case dinamics are great, the antec 1200 is a decent case stock how ever i made a modifacation. so that the psu could drain its own fresh air and put as little heat into the case as possible i mounted it upside down and drilled 3/8" holes in the bottom in honey comb fashion so it has its own own intake and venting.
    as well 4 120x25mm fans provide incoming air 3 in from 1 side. 2 120's and a 200x35mm provide exhaust. as well as the pus with its own system an the gpu has the dual slot system. itnernaly there is anotehr 120 for the coolmaster and a 90 strapped to it for some extraa push. (thanks toms forums for that litlle tip... 4c off idle and load for that tip) the stock spp fan witch is only at 50% becuase it looks like its near worthless anyways. and additional fan is hung for extra air on the spp its at an odd angle that i monitored for the best results. not sure on its size but pirated off an amd heath sink. reall moves a lot of air for as small as it is. even with stock cooling i thnk with case dynamics i have a way to go with and OC and the unit. i have rad really good luck ocing my e8400 with this unit. would like to try for the gpu next.
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