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i have an ASUS P5N73-AM MB,Phoenix bios v.0201,there are 3 over voltage controls in this bios, the 1st one is the 1.8 DUAL over voltage control,the settings are as follows [default] [+6.25mV] [+12.50mV] [+18.75mV] and it keeps going all the way up to [+393.75mV],the 2nd one is the 1.35 over voltage control,2 settings [disable] [enable],the 3rd is the Vcore over voltage control,4 settings, [disabled] [+50mV] [+100mV] [+150mV],thats it,no where else in the bios can you adjust any voltages,under hardware monitor you can read what the vltages are,but when you click on them to change,it only lets you ignore them,you can actually set them to ignore,my question is what are these over voltage controls and how do you use them,Ive searched everywhere and no one seems to know anything about them,any help would be much appreciated,thank you
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  1. It would seem to me that the 1.8 DUAL OVC would be to adjust Vdimm, while 1.35 OVC enable would allow you to adjust the Vcore, which you would do in Vcore OVC. Adjusting voltages normally only needs to be done when overclocking, or in the case of some RAM which needs more than the standard 1.8V. If your system is working ok you don't need to change anything.
  2. thanks for the info,my system is overclocked,i have a Pentium 4 3.0Ghz OCd to 3.5Gs,i already did make some adjustments to these voltage controls and everything seems to be fine,i was just looking for some detailed info about the over voltage control,how to precisely use them,i very much appreciate the help,your the only one who ever responded about these controls and ive been searching for along time,thanks again
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