choose your favorite motherboard type (AMD or Intel)

this is a (A or B choice) I only know Intel info. AMD or AM2 motherboards are foreign to me so I would recomend a Intel.
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  1. AMD at least knows how to anchor a heatsink.
  2. My favorite motherboard type is a full size ATX board designed for an AMD cpu.
  3. Im going with intel. Sorry to say for those AMMD fan's although there are some nice AMD boards.
  4. No preference. Depends on the CPU I'm getting (DUH!).
  5. For an IGP build, AMD and their 780G all the way!
    For everything else, an Intel P45 or X38/48 ATX.
  6. A 780G is good for a budget gamer build and not just an HTPC.

    The only problem with AMD right now is that the B3 Phenom lags slightly behind Intel high end CPU's, but they do quite well against low end and older mainstream Core 2's in the same price range. Just take a look at Tom's new CPU charts.

    I can't wait for the AM3 replacement for the 780G with the newer SB750 southbridge and DDR3. IMHO, it's always good to have an IGP on the motherboard for an extra monitor or an emergency replacement.

    Just for fun, I removed the 3870x2 and played LOTRO for a bit with the 780G's IGP, and it wasn't that bad graphics wise (though when I tried Oblivion, forget about it!). If I'd not gotten a high end card earlier in the year, I would have gone hybrid Crossfire with a 3450.

    So, I have to say that my favorite board right now is the Gigabyte 780G. When I do upgrade next, it will go into an HTPC, but it's decent for gaming right now.
  7. Groo makes a good point.
  8. groo said:
    AMD at least knows how to anchor a heatsink.

    Intel has a better design, noobs just dont know how to use it ;)
  9. Thanks for your input on my last question. The real reson for this question was to see if anyone liked Intel. To me it is like a Ford lover asking a Chey person what they think of their new car. Here is a new quesion same rules. Newegg or Pricewatch, I like Pricewatch only a little better.
  10. AMD boards are generally terrible(just like the processors). Got a DX48BT2 Intel Extreme series Board. ScReAmInG FAST!!!
  11. falconzfan007 said:
    AMD boards are generally terrible(just like the processors). Got a DX48BT2 Intel Extreme series Board. ScReAmInG FAST!!!


    VIA chipsets back in the old days gave AMD a bad name, there processor if used correctly were equal (reliability/stability wise) to an Intel, and at times better (Prescott/Smithfield vs A64 X2's) - Intel boards burned as THG found out within days of testing - i remember them killing at least 3.

    Nvidia is responsible for making some flaky chipsets too, and for Intel too for that matter.

    Only a noob would buy an Intel branded motherboard, we all know there overpriced and suck for overclocking, much better off with an ASUS or Gigabyte board - why buy and overclocker board with poor overclocking options?

    Why so many noob fanboi's here lately this this one?
  12. I can sense this spiraling down to an Intel vs AMD catfight.
  13. We could fight about it all day long,but it get's me no where...If you give me advice to buy a AMD then I can weigh that advice with what I know best.
    Intel is all I know - coltoe
  14. if you want a microATX AMD, get a 780G. if you want full sized ATX, get a 790GX (better southbridge and slightly higher clocked OBG)
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