Seagate st3500418as performance problems with videos

Hello, i have a seagate st3500418as and whenever i try to play a video file or even an audio file from it, it freezes as if data transfer where too slow to even load on windows media player, i don't know what could it be!! Help!!
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  1. Under device manager goto the drive controller and check each one and make sure the drive is not running in pio mode. It should be DMA.
  2. Sorry to resurrect this but I'm having similar problem. It's managable for me but worrying.

    When I watch anything with Win7s media player, sometimes the video freezes for a moment and then the HDD starts whirring and catches up like it FFwd'd. IT's the same HDD and I did as sturm said. There was no pio mode option in device manager, only a tick box to enable DMA. Wherever possible it was already ticked.

    Is this a dodgy line of HDD's or?
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