Having some strange issues getting my 360 online...

Okay, so here's the deal: Up until about a week ago my 360, which is upstairs, had a HORRIBLE connection because it was getting it's signal from our router which is on the opposite end of the house.

So, I went and picked up a wireless repeater or range expander or whatever it's called. After that, I had NO issues whatsoever. My PC, my 360, AND my PS3 all had excellent connections after that.

As of last night, everything was still right as rain, but today when I woke up and went to turn on my 360, something was amiss. Ya see, my PC is still connected at 100% but neither my 360 or my PS3 can connect anymore. This is absolutely baffling me. We didn't change ANYTHING at all.....we haven't messed with any of the settings, NOTHING.

I have my 360 scan for a connection, and it FINDS the connection, then I set it up as my network.......but then when I go to actually CONNECT......it can't.

What could this possibly be? How could everything just magically stop working? and how is my PC still doing A-OK yet everything else has been cut off? It makes no sense....

I've already power cycled the networking equipment and that didn't help. When it finds the connection, it's listed as a duplicate......could that have anything to do with it? I mean, idk......I just don't get what to do here......is there something I need to do with the signal expander?
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  1. Alright, update:

    We re-configured the repeater. All we did was put in the settings again......EXACTLY the same as when we originally set it up.....

    And now it works. Perfectly. I just don't understand what could've done that. I don't wanna have to reconfigure my repeater 2-3 times a week.......it just doesn't make sense.......
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