Twain driver + canoscan d2400U driver with windows 7 64 bit

Hi all,

Major problem (for me anyway) as I've got loads of pics of my parents to scan in for a wedding anniversary present photo album - and now I find the scanner won't talk to the PC...

I've just tried to install the drivers for my old Canoscan D2400U on my nice new Windows 7 PC and found out from Canon there isn't a Windows 7 driver for it!!
I've tried the suggested trouble-shooting methods where it emulates Windows 2000, XP, and so on but nothing seems to overcome the problem.
Not only that, but when I put the driver CD-Rom in, it tells me even if I install all the programs, none will work because I don't have the TWAIN driver. Where on earth can I find that?? I've trawled the internet for a bit but no-one seems to have the answer...
And I'm confused, wasn't the TWAIN thing all automatic before now? My last system was Windows XP...

Is my Canoscan D2400U all but dead to me now?
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    No 64 bit drivers have been released!

    Not free but works with most scanners ^
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Not free but works with most scanners ^

    Ah, great. Thanks, I just had a quick look over it but, being a bit of an IT novice, wasn't sure whether or not this quote meant I definitely couldn't use the VueScan program with Windows 7 64:

    "You need to install a Canon scanner driver to use this scanner on Windows and Mac OS X. Unfortunately, Canon doesn't have a driver for this scanner on Windows x64."

    (from here:

    It's a bit ambiguous to me. Are they claiming it's still going to be a problem for Windows 7 64-bit users? Cos the rest of the site seems to reassure everyone they can get scanners working on any system!!
    I'd be happy to spend the $40 or whatever it is for the program... if i could be sure it'd be the answer.

    Thanks for your help so far. I'm on the other side of the pond, so I'm off to bed. I'll pick this up in the morning though...
  4. It is a great scanner app that works with almost all scanners!
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