Overclocking Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300

I just installed Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 in my Alienware m17x. I have a couple questions about overclocking.

I am wondering if anyone has some pointers on safely overclock it?

Will overclocking to 2.93GHz drastically reduce the life of my cpu?

Will I see a huge increase in heat output?

Any other advice?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. No 2.93 is not a huge overclock. the extreme chips are pretty solid.. I am running my e8400 at 4ghz and the thermal are low but I am water cooling it. I don't think heat will be a huge problem at that clock speed.
  3. Yeah, your going to want to get more than stock cooling though. Otherwise it will shorten the life. You could go much past 2.93 ghz.

    May i ask why you dropped 1k on a old generation chip?
  4. I didnt pay 1k for it. I got the cpu from ebay for a lot cheaper and installed it myself. Also this is a laptop so I cant really put aftermarket cooling in it.
  5. O, i didn't realize that. Overclocking in a laptop is a bit more dangerous. Just open up a temp monitoring program to make sure it doesnt go out of spec.
  6. I dont have the option to upgrade to the core i7. The motherboard in my laptop doesnt support it. Therefore, the best I could do is the QX9300
  7. Ok so this is my very first overclock and need some pointers. I have read that 2.93 should be very stable and achievable with my cpu. I can get this by moving the multiplier to 11. However, when I do this and log on it blue screens after a short while. Is there any other settings I need to change to make this stable?
  8. Anyone have some pointers on how to get a stable overclock on my machine?
  9. Are you overclocking in the bios? If so, i didnt know alienware supported that.

    I would suggest reading some guides (like the one posted at the top of this section) on overclocking. When you get a bsod you are going to need to add some voltage to it. I would also suggest to lower the fsb affect on the ram.
  10. I did the overclocking in the BIOS which is a feature on Alienware m17x. I believe it is stable right now at 2.8GHz. I got to this by just moving the multiplier from 9.5 to 10.5

    I ran the cpu at 100% load using prime95 and was seeing max temperatures of 75c in all cores. Normally it runs in the mid 40s and when I am gaming mid to high 50s
    Do these temperatures sound about right for a laptop? Or are they a bit high?
  11. Anyone?
  12. I wasn't aware that Intel made X series chips for laptops, hmm, why?
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