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I recently received the "error loading operating system" error on my computer. I used the system recovery disk to attempt to reformat the drive. 10 minutes into the install, the computer would freeze. Now, the first time it didn't freeze, windows (vista) could not read any hard drive to install the OS on. I restarted and noticed that the BIOS was not recognizing the hard drive (it was several restarts ago). Wires are plugged in correctly, computer is several months old.... I don't know what to do.

I'm on a Dell Inspiron 531s. Please help!
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  1. make sure the hd jumpers are set to master and then if its plugged into socket 1(it its an ide drive) of course,same goes to sata hd the os shall be plugged into sata1 slot.
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  2. If the computer is several months old it should be covered under Dell warranty.

    You need to get the drive recognized in bios. If you cannot then the first thing to suspect is the drive (they do go bad unfortunately).
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