Can this work or not? (Complete Noob to Computer Building)

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  1. The Mobo uses LGA775, why don't get a Core 2 duo. Even the E4500 easily beats a P4. P4's eat up a lot of watts and push out tons of heat.
    And for the GFX card why not this ATI 4650 performs better and more recent for only 10 more bucks.
    Also the RAM is SLOW 400MHz is unheard of today at least get 667MHz. Also get 4gigs or RAM or max out your mobo if it can't support 4gigs RAM is real cheap but very important.
    Why not get a 500GB drive? It'll make your PC last a while longer and your can find ones for $54 bucks.
  2. It will work, but why on earth would you want an old, slow outdated P4 processor?
    For instance, this dual core processer is about twice as fast for about the same price....
    For only a little more, you could do even way better with something like this.....
    If you are gaming, the GPU you have picked is pretty weak.
    If you are not a gamer, it is fine.
    Buy 800mhz memory.
  3. Do NOT get 400Mhz DDR2... that stuff is way old and outdated. I'm surprised it's even sold anymore.... and you won't be able to run any processor that has above an 800Mhz FSB without overlcocking the RAM.... get DDR2-800 instead.

    ECS pretty much sucks. I've heard nothing but bad things about them. Choose a different brand... like ASUS or Gigabyte.
  4. wow u weren't kidding with the topic title parenthesis statement (no offense dude)...

    anyway, what is ur budget? im sure we can come up with a MUCH better computer for however much u want to spend than what u picked.
  5. yeah it will work... the question is why you would want something like that anyway... very unbalanced rig. give us a budget and we can organise something a LOT faster..
  6. £200-400 pounds would be my budget.
  7. Does newegg ship to the UK?
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