No video through IGP HDMI, DVI...VGA works well

Hi, new here and have a very frustrating problem id like to see if i could get answered. Bought new hardware to build computer (Specs Below) the IGP on my MOBO has VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Vga works like a charm but DVI and HDMI either don't work at all, or the screen comes for a split second then turns off, this repeats itself over and over with both DVI and HDMI. I've already gone as far to test my new LCD on my xbox 360 with teh same HDMI cable it works without a hitch. Im pretty sure it is with my mobo. Just wante to know if anyone had any suggestions, comments, miracles....? BTW I have updated the BIOS to the most curtrent, and the display drivers, and no video throught the HDMI, and DVI even in DOS!

Biostar 790gx 128m
Phenom X4 9850 2.5
8gb Kingston Hyper-X 1066 DDR2
1 TB Samsung Internal SATA
ASUS v222h 22" LCD
Windows Media Center xp
550w power supply
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  1. Over 20 views, and no suggestions...BTW today I took my Computer into the living room and hooked it to my Sony 60" WEGA TV through the HDMI port, and It worked fine...So I am at a loss, as everything works with something else, just not in the combination I want it to... (Comp, ASUS LCD HDMI or DVI) the combinations that do work are as follows: (60" WEGA, Comp HDMI) and (ASUS LCD, Xbox 360 HDMI)
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