Here is the situation:

I have a friend who is around 70 years old. He has a decent rig that has an ATI all in one tv tuner card. He does not subscribe to cable and uses over-the-air antenna for his programming.

He also has a nice 1080p 46" samsung and he recieves all the local channels in great high quality HD. He now wants to eliminate the converter box hooked up to his pc as well as get a better picture on his 30" viewsonic n3000w. Right now he does not have a converter box hooked up to his Samsung. Do you think when it switches in February he will need to hook one up?

The card would have to be a PCI card as his rig is AGP and has no pci-e slots. His comp is a few years old. I was thinking about this

Also, according to viewsonic his monitor is hdtv ready but i do not see how it could recieve an hdtv signal. I could not find a tv tuner card that had 20 pin dvi out.

So i need some help: Help me find a solution to remove the analog to digital converter box as well as recieve hdtv singal on his monitor from a OTA analog cable and via his PC input.
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  1. He will not need a converter box for his samsung TV. All HD programing is broadcast digitally.

    Any thing that says "HD ready" (his viewsonic) only means that the display can do HD. It has nothing to do recievers. Since he doesn't suscribe for TV. Then you will have to use a TV Tuner card though the PC, in order to get HD. Just make sure the card can recieve digital broadcast. I recommend the hauppage 1600
  2. That is what i thought about the samsung......

    it's just amazing people still live with out cable!

    I looked at that hauppage 1600 and liked the specs on it but I still have a question about the analong signal.

    He has the analog singal coming from his antenna.....will he need to convert the signal to digital to recieve an hd feed/over the air singals or will the card do it for him?

    From what i can tell the card basically does it all for long as you are watching tv on pc input.

    Thanks for quick reply
  3. The Hauppage 1600 has both ATSC (digital) and NTSC (analog) receivers. So long as the antenna can physically connect to the TV Tuner Card, your friend will be able to receive either signal.

    Using the card suggested by PsyKhiqZero, to receive analog signals, the antenna needs to be plugged into the TV (top) port. To receive digital signals, the antenna will need to be plugged into the ATSC (second from the top) port.

    Just a side note, many broadcast stations are already broadcasting a digital signal, so there is no need to wait until February of next year for a digital (not necessarily Hi-Def) setup.

    -Wolf sends
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