Core 2 duo e7400 compatibility with p5vd2-x boards

hello guys, is the Core2Duo E7300/2.66GHz/3MB/1066 processor compatible with my motherboard asus p5vd2-x..???

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  1. yeah i know..but it has the same fsb, same sokect type...lga775 ..i thougt it could be compatible.... :( well then i think i'll go for the e6700.. :p
  2. The only older Asus motherboard that seems to be compatible with all newer Intel CPUs is the P5W DH Deluxe.
  3. thks for the reply.. :)

    Since my board supports core 2 processors....will it support the e7400 if a update the bios...??? :cry:
  4. If your board doesn't support the E7300, it obviously won't support the E7400. You bought an inexpensive board based on a Via chipset, therefore you can't expect it to support current CPUs.
  5. hmmm....i was considering either e7300 or e7400....but i think i will go for a brand new motherboard..and a quad... :D

    thks for ur help.. :)
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