How to make windows install everything to a certain HD

hey, so i have a new build with a 40gb SSD as my boot drive and a 1tb sata HD as my drive for everything else. I currently use firefox as my browser and i have it set to "ask me where to save files" and i save my downloads onto my HD but when i run the download, (if it doesnt ask where to install) it installs whatever program that was on the file, into my SSD. Is there a way i can make windows automatically download everything into my HD instead of my SSD?
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  1. in firefox click on options,then you will find download options in the middle ,just choose wich folder and h.d. the downloads will get.

    asus p5q pro turbo/q6600 @ 3.4 ghz 24/7/asus silent knight II/
    8 gb ocz sli edition/wd green 1 tb/seagate barracuda 250 gb/antec 300/ gtx 280 @ 690 mhz/1572mhz/1300mhz,
    apevia iceberg 680 watts/lite on dvd r/lite on cd r.
  2. i did, but when i run the download, which is usually an application, the application gets installed into my boot drive. is there a way i can make windows install everything into my sata HD?
  3. also, when i download drivers such as my video card driver, which is off a CD, it gets automatically downloaded into my SSD
  4. When installing files and you want to change the default options, you need to press custom install instead of express. Be aware however that not all programs all you to change the drive, and even those that do tend to install some files to the OS drive.
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    Allows you to change the default directory to what you want.
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