I have windows xp and for some reason, the computer wont even turn on. The mothe

I have windows xp and for some reason, the computer won't even turn on. The motherboard lights up, but nothing else. I took it to have it examined and was told that I could have the hard drive switched to another computer without losing all my information. How do I do this?
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  1. Did they not tell you what was wrong and how much it would cost to fix? Your information can usually be saved if the machine or system has gone West (South in the US) but it's a last resort.

    You need to slave your hard disk to another computer by buying a converter so you can plug it in using a USB port on that computer. First, though, you need to know which type of hard disk you have. If it connects to your computer using a wide, flat grey ribbon cable you need a converter for a PATA or IDE disk. If it has a small, flat red or blue cable you need SATA. Post back as to which you have and someone will point you to an e-Bay page where you can buy a converter for around £15 or $10.
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