Question about LGA 775 cooler backplate adhesive tape.

Hi, all.

I just got a used LGA 775 CPU and cooler. The backplate for the cooler was attached to the MB with some kind of tape. I finally got it off, but destroyed the tape. The tape looked like the insulating anit-static stuff HW ships in. Is that correct? I'm looking for a replacement to put it on my new mobo, but can't find it anywhere. Do I need this stuff, or will normal double-sided tape do? There's some metal solder exposed on the bottom of the board and I don't want to short anything by not having proper insulation.

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  1. The tape isnt required at all, if you can get the backplate on without first taping it one your good. All the tape does is it sticks the backplate down, to make it easier to put the rest of the cooler down.
  2. ^ Actually, there is another reason, which is to stop the metal from possibly scratching the PCB, as you know, the motherboard uses layered PCBs.
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