4HD Raid random crash

I have a 4HD Hardware raid. After a while of use the PC crashes and reboots. The raid then states it has failed and shows 3 non-member disks and 1 member disk. If I power off and power back on, the PC boots up as if nothing were wrong but then after around 2-3 hours it crashes again! What could be the problem?
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  1. You'll have to do some more homework to determine the problem. Do you have another drive to swap in as a replacement for one of the disks that comes up as failed? make sure it is at the latest firmware before swapping it in.

    Could be the drives firmware. Could be the drives themselves. Could be the cables or the RAID card. Not enough info here to determine which.

    Also what drives are they? Some don't take kindly to RAID use.
  2. I am using 4 Seagate ST3500320AS HDs with Firmware version SD15. I will look for the newest drivers and firmware etc as well as swap the cables to see if that helps. I also changed motherboards but that did not solve the issue. My motherboard is the Intel DP45SG.
    If need be I can have an exact replacement of those HDs by tomorrow evening.
    Just upgraded the HD firmware on all 4 drives to SD1A as well.
  3. Ok after all that it ran for approximately 2hrs then rebooted on it's own again. Raid came up with 2 non-member disks and one didnt even show up.
    Removed the drive that didn't show up, seeing if i crash again. Any ideas in the meantime?
  4. Keep track of which ones behave which way. It's really going to be a matter of trial and error. Combination of drives and cables.

    So you're using the onboard RAID controller? I always avoid that except when using mirroring. I always go with an add-on card for RAID5 so it's portable (can mount in a different system if need be).
  5. I don't need it to be portable :P Just have it for gaming ^^
  6. If performance is your goal, then an add-on card will probably perform better (one that has it's own processor) and RAID5 is not the best choice anyhow. Go RAID0 for performance.

    If you're not worried about the data being portable, then data integrity is not your concern and you're wasting time performing RAID5 calculations.
  7. Well if i hadnt gone with raid 5 i'd be screwed atm so i think i'm good hehe but yea maybe ill get a card for it if it's faster ^^
  8. 2 hours again and PC locked up... Not sure what could possibly be happening :(
  9. Anything showing up in the PCs eventlog around the time of the lock-up? is there an application you can install for monitoring the RAID chipset and see if there are any messages being generated there?

    Need more information than what you have available currently to track down a cause. otherwise it's just throw random parts (replace drives, cables, etc...) to try and determine the location/cause of the failure.
  10. I really don't know... the intel matrix crap doesnt give any info really! I'm new to raids so i dont know much about software :(
    The windows event viewer had nothing in it regarding the crashes.
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