How do I remove write protection from a USB memory stick?

hi! I have 16gb cdr-king usb flash drive but problem is it will prompt please remove write protect of the drive after saving/storing 2gb files. sometimes folder files become korean squares i can't read it.
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  1. Try to format it.
  2. i also tried to format but still same thing happened. and if you check it in my computer disk management, you can see a different icon.
  3. Are you sure it's not a SD card?

    Look at this picture. Is this what you have? You see on the left side of the card, there is a switch to lock/unlock it.
  4. thanks man! but i'm talking about usb flash drive not sd card. see picture below or view this site.
  5. sir! i have the same problem.. im using a cdr king 8 gb flash disk. the problem with it is you couldnt save file i've try formating it in win 7 os but it doesnt continue it fails i've even try the fix guide which you could found in cdr king site but still doesnt work im stuck with removing write protect. cdr king really sucks!!! becoz its cheap
  6. Start a new thread.
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